Vehicle Listing Requirements

Below are the vehicle listing requirements for potential Mizi Vehicle Owner Partners – VOPs.

Vehicles must be in excellent working condition without dents or structural damage. 

  • Accepted vehicles classes include:
    • 6-seater minivans e.g. SUVs, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Mercedes Viano, Kia Carnival, etc.
    • 13-seater minibuses e.g. Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan, Foton View, etc.
    • 29-seater maxi bus e.g. Toyota Coaster bus, Mitsubishi Rosa Bus, Nissan Civilian Bus, etc. 
  • Minimum vehicle documents required include:
    • Vehicle license
    • Vehicle insurance certificate
    • Proof of ownership
    • Road-worthiness certificate 
    • Vehicle hackney permit 
      • This can be arranged on your behalf for a fee if you do not have one. 
      • The cost of the hackney permit is N15,000 with a N2,500 processing fee. 
      • You need the following documents to complete the hackney permit application:
        • Valid vehicle license
        • Road-worthiness certificate
        • Valid vehicle insurance policy
    • Vehicle inspection report from VisaCheck
  • Minimum accepted vehicle model is 2002
  • Vehicle internals should at the minimum include:
    • Mobile charging port 
    • Working radio
    • Air conditioning
    • Perfectly working doors
  • Vehicle inspection
    • Vehicle quality is important to Mizi’s service. To verify the quality of your vehicle, we require that you visit one of the listed VisaCheck vehicle inspection centers to conduct your Mizi vehicle inspection.
    • Vehicle inspection will cover:
      • Brakes and Suspension: Condition of shocks, park light engagement, grinding noise and vehicle alignment
      • Functionality: Brake lights, turn indicators, dashboard electrical components and headlights
      • Electrical components functionalities: Air conditioner, floor & foot mat condition, car horn, mirrors & adjustment, windscreen wipers (noise-free), vehicle stereo and odour free
      • Fluid level check: Brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, automatic transmission fluid, transmission functionality (gearbox), cabin air filter and power steering fluid
      • Safety check: Fire extinguisher, hazard warning triangle, jack & accessories and spare tyre
      • Cosmetic checks
      • Interior: Vehicle and trunk cleanliness, comfort, safety features
      • Exterior: Body free of scratches & dents, no windshield or window cracks, no external mirror cracks, no body panel colours and the trunk opens & closes freely
      • Tyre check: Tyre pressure and tyre thread pattern match
      • Any other defects
      • Vehicle inspections cost between N3,000 and N5,500 per vehicle depending on the vehicle class and are carried out Mondays to Fridays between 09:00am to 5:00pm. Please visit your nearest inspection location to have your vehicle inspected.
      • Please ensure your vehicle is in proper condition before visiting any of our designated vehicle inspection centers. If your vehicle fails to meet the requirements during the inspection, it will not be on-boarded to the Mizi platform.
      • For further inquiries about vehicle inspection, please contact the VisaCheck customer care center on 08183918599.
      • The inspection report is valid for 6 months.
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