Mizi for Business

In our Mizi for business service offering which you can liken to a staff bus service, safety is at the core of the service we provide to our corporate clients. Beyond safety, we give organizations visibility and control over the commutes of their eomployees without the hassle of managing the fleet themselves.

  • In addition to the above safety measures, organizations signed up to the Mizi for business program enjoy the benefit of exclusive rides for their employees only. This ensures that various workplaces with different levels of stringency in safety measures are not combined, to minimize the odds of infection and transmission. This concept of “micromobility” is one which a lot of organizational leaders are subscribing their business too in other developed nations of the world. Mizi brings this service to organizations in the cities that it serves.
  • Commuters that work for organizations on the Mizi for Business program can notify their organizations on their state of wellbeing and need for medical attention, from within the Mizi application. This option is available to a commuter that has indicated having COVID-19 related symptoms in the trip booking process.
  • The Mizi for business dashboard for organizations on the program now provides information on employees who have triggered the wellbeing notifications to their organizations due to feeling unwell.

You can invite your Organization or any other you feel will need our service by filling this form to help us get a conversation started.

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