Who is Mizi?

Mizi is a transport company devoted to changing the commute experience within Lagos with our easy to use app. We combine affordability and luxury providing awesome rides right from your phone.


When can I book a ride to my destination?
To ride with Mizi in the morning, trips are to be booked anytime from 7:50 pm the night before.
Evening trips are to be booked anytime from 12:00 pm the same day

How do I know when the driver is close to me?
Once you have booked a ride, you can call the Captain via the app to confirm the vehicle’s location and approximate distance from you.
The captain likewise would also call you to confirm your location

What do I do if I am running late?
Mizi has a wait time of 2 minutes at every bus stop. Call the Captain with the number provided in-app to inform him/her of your probable lateness

Do I get charged for canceling a ride?
Yes. Mizi charges 35% of your ride fare for canceling your ride.


How do I fund my wallet?

  • On your Mizi dashboard, click on ‘fund wallet’. Add your card for ease in completing transactions
  • Enter the amount and fund your wallet with your newly added card or use a new card and proceed
  • You will be redirected to our payment portal and your payment processed
  • Voila! Your wallet has now been funded and is ready for your next ride

Are my card details required on sign up?

No it is not. Your personal and contact information are all that is needed to signup with Mizi.

How much can I fund my wallet with?
You can always top up your wallet at any time with any amount

Is it compulsory I add my card to my wallet?
No. You may choose to add your card once to your wallet for ease in completing transactions or enter your card details every time you want to book a trip.

How do I use a voucher or coupon?

  • On your Mizi dashboard, click on ‘Vouchers and Coupons’.
  • Enter your coupon or voucher into the provided space and click ‘Submit’.


How do referrals work?
When someone signs up using your referral link, you earn N200. This is paid into your wallet once the referred user takes their first ride with Mizi.

How do I share my referral link?
To share your referral link, login to your Mizi dashboard, select Referral > Share Referral Link

How do I check my referrals?
To check the status of people you referred, login to your Mizi dashboard, select Referral > List of Referred Users


Is my card information safe?
The security of your payment data is at the forefront of all our activities so we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor, Paystack to handle your card details.

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